Dj David Munro
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Evening Wedding DJ 

No wedding is complete without the perfect reception to celebrate.

So I am regularly asked “What music do you play?” . Every wedding I do is different and should be treated as such. During the course of the planning I will get to know a little about you and what music you like. I will also ask you to create a “Love it” , “Like it” and “Hate it” list. As well as this your guests will also be able to log into my website and ask for requests in advance that you will see and be able to move to the “Hate it” list should you see fit. 

That all said , its not just about what you ask for. 

A Good DJ will play the songs you want,A great DJ will play the songs you didn’t know you wanted.  

I have been a DJ since my days at School (Over 20 years ago) and I still go into every event with no assumptions musically. Whilst ill have some background on you and your guests and know whats expected, Ill tie this knowledge in with my ability to read the dance floor and really keep floor as full as possible. 

Many people in Scotland will want a short Ceilidh section – If you want this but your worried that your guests may not remember the dances then you’ll be pleased to know that i even teach the dances. 

By getting involved and showing the guests the dances it is far more encouraging and interactive for all involved. 

 Some couples may like alternative/rock/indie or even punk (the list is endless), I love working outside the box. In my younger days I actually played in a band where as well as doing covers for weddings and pub gigs we also covered a lot of alternative music as well. That all being said, Musically if i am out my depth, I will find out at the planning stages and i would never jeopardise someones wedding. For example there are some genres I know nothing about and whilst you can give me your suggestions (which i will play), I would be honest and explain i may not be the right DJ for the Job. I can do as much research as possible but some genres are so niche that you would really need to know them to give that type of event justice. For example, I have previously declined bookings who have wanted a full evening of “Death metal” and “Steam punk” as I simply wouldn’t do the wedding the justice it deserves.

As you can tell I am very passionate about what i do so I do have an attention to detail. 

Living in the West of Scotland its very common to have a GBX/Dance hour at the end. Having worked along side the GBX Team at many events over the years this is certainly something I can do. As well as the music I can also bring the lighting to really bring back those club nights or your trips to ibiza. 

All that said , Its your wedding and I will play what works for you and your guests .