Dancing on Clouds

Create a fantastic and unique way to add to a magical day. Imagine your first dance Dancing on a cloud. You can also have Dancing on a cloud on a starlit sky by adding our LED Dancefloor.

Dancing on clouds is a low lying fog effect that is created using dry ice and water. more info on Dry ice can be found here.


It is completely different from a smoke or haze effect that can trigger fire alarms and this is perfectly safe to use as long as the person supplying it is trained to do so.

If you think of the effect of breathing out on a cold morning. That’s exactly what this is on a much larger scale. I feel I need to emphasise this as many venues will assume its a smoke machine and it will set off smoke alarms. Dancing on clouds can’t set off smoke alarms as there is no smoke, It’s also cold so cant set off heat alarms either. If you are considering Dancing on clouds for your wedding then please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions your venue may have.

I have provided this dancing on clouds at many weddings and it always gives an amazing and magical start to the evening. This can be booked without a DJ if you are having a band too.