Selfie Wizard

Selfie wizard is a fantastic alternative to the traditional photo booth that we see at almost every wedding. Don’t let the name fool you though, it doesn’t just have to be a selfie. Camera phones have come a very long way with many people now leaving the Digital Camera at home. Your guests can now take photos at your event, have them appear on the big screen for all to see and you also get a copy of these at the end too.

How many stunning photos do we now see that have been taken on a camera phone? Imagine the additional photos you will get to add to your album and share with everyone if all of your guests send their snaps on the day.

Selfie Wizard requires no special apps, doesn’t use your mobile data and doesn’t cost the user anything to upload the image. We take care of all the technical side and it is really easy to use.

The Video below was taken at a Halloween night

The Selfie Wizard is so versatile it can be shown on Venue TVS or Projector, Screens or Projector we supply, or even part of my DJ setup.