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Full day wedding options 

As an experienced wedding MC from an Entertainment background,I can bring the perfect balance of Fun yet formal to your entire wedding day. 

The main benefit of having me with you for the whole day is that i can build a rapport with your guests and build the atmosphere throughout the day so the evening part is really something to remember for all the right reasons. 

So how does it work ? 

I would be at your venue before your guests arrive playing background music and assisting guests with seating. I would manage your ceremony music using my discrete PA system (that can also be used outside with no power outlets) . 

There is so much more to ceremony music than just the grand entrance and your song as you walk back up the aisle, As the groom would traditionally be waiting this is a nice time to play some of his favourite song choices to help with the nerves. We can be as personal, fun or formal as you like at this point. 

When it comes to the grand entrance -timing is everything, you may want to walk into a certain part of a song as I work with music full time i can work out the timings with you right down to when your brides maids should enter. 

The next point i would say is when you are signing your register, Although this is a short period of time it does take a little longer as it is usually being photographed. So i ask you to choose 3 songs for this part of the day. (if your drawing a blank , don’t worry i can make a lot of suggestions based on your personalities and something that is relevant).

 After the ceremony its time to walk up the aisle as a married couple, Many people will have a piper, others want a certain song and many go for something upbeat and fun. Whatever you decide is the right option for you. 


The Cocktail hour

Whilst you are having your photographs taken i can take this opportunity to get to know your guests whilst playing some background music whilst they chat. Getting to know your guests will really help when it comes to the evening as i will already have gauged many personalities  and know how to interact with them come the evening. 

As your MC I will also ensure guests are seated and awaiting you when the time is right for your wedding Breakfast. 

The Wedding Breakfast 

During the wedding breakfast we would traditionally start with your toasts or “speeches”. Personally i prefer the term Toast as a toast is a celebration and what is a wedding if its not a celebration?

Whilst a wedding is a formal event, I firmly believe it should be filled with smiles and laughter and thats where I do things very differently to the “duty manager” or “wedding coordinator” appointed by the venue. I also work differently to the traditional redcoat “Toastmaster” in that whilst i am formal and professional. I am very personal, fun and with your permission ill have your guests singing and dancing all before the soup is on the tables. 

I would love to go into detail on just what i do during the wedding breakfast but Its best kept as a surprise to your guests who may see the website.  That said, when we meet in person i will go over all possibilities and suggestions on how we can make memories for your wedding.

Everyone has their line they would draw between fun/Cheesy so when we meet and discuss your wedding I will find that line and respect your decision. After all it is your wedding.