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 Frequently asked questions 

Q:How long does it take you to set up ? 
A: I always ask for a full hour. Whilst it doesn’t usually take this long; it allows me time to fully test the set up and have everything in place before your guests return to the room.  

Q:What kind of music do you play?
A:For a wedding i always ask you for as much input as possible in regards to music and then we will work together to bring that wedding dream to reality. My advise is be yourself and don’t worry about everyone else, knowing your personal tastes I can still cater to everyone but but a personal edge on it. I don’t have a “go to” wedding setlist like many “DJ”s. If that was the case then you wouldn’t need a DJ at all. 

Q:How much do you charge?
A:For an evening reception I charge £595 , this includes pre event meetings to get to know you so i can offer that personal touch as there is only so much “personality” that can come across on email. 
A full day event I charge £895 , as well as all the evening benefits I will also try to gather some information from you about your guests so I can involve everyone on the day. My approach is to be Personal yet Professional so your guests will be comfortable enough to let their hair down and just enjoy the celebrations.  

Q:Can my friend sing the first dance?
A: Absolutely, Just let me know in advance so i can provide adequate equipment for them to use as DJ only equipment “can” be used for a live vocal performance but I would rather use the right kit for the job as it offers more versatility and will enhance the experience – Its worth noting, I don’t charge extra if i need to bring this kit. 

Q:I have another act booked for part of the evening is this an issue?
A: I love working alongside other acts, Just let me know everything that is planned even if its a surprise. I regularly work alongside some well known DJs, Sax players , Pipers and drummers at weddings and if we are all on the same page then we work together and deliver a flawless transition like its part of the set.