Wedding in Sloans


On the 17th November 2018 I had the pleasure of being the Wedding MC and DJ at the Fitzpatrick Wedding in Sloans. The couple had booked me all the way from Canada where they live back earlier in the year. Stephanie and Mark were amazing to work with and I had great fun with all the guests too.

Sloans is also known as the oldest pub in Glasgow and it is very popular for Weddings too. The venue itself is over 3 floors with the Grand Ballroom being on the top floor ensuring exclusivity for your wedding whilst all the benefits of a City Centre wedding.

Sloans Wedding

Sloans wedding Are Ye Dancing

The walk down the lane from Argyle street has some amazing artwork that coins that famous and well known “Glesga” chat up line.

“Are ye Dancin” followed by the famous
“Are ye Askin?”

So with the ultimate question being asking the writing really is on the wall.

Sloans Wedding are ye askin

Sloans Wedding Are Ye Askin?




I had the please of working with Rich Gordon on the bagpipes and Jo Donaldson photographer who were amazing to work with and I would highly recommend either.


Wedding in Sloans

One of the benefits of being the MC and well as the DJ in a Wedding in Sloans is that I can create an atmosphere during the day that carries into the evening. Having met the couple previously and got to know a bit about them I knew that they were very laid back and fun people to work with.

I also learned that Stephanie was part Italian so even before the toasts had started I started with some light hearted humour followed by some sing along action with the old Italian favourite “That’s Amore”. Working with Stephanie and Mark I was able to create a day that was personal to both them and their guests and asked for as much input as possible into the whole day and evening.

This included some suggestions for songs during the meal that even though they were from Canada included local legend Gerry Cinnamon.

After the wedding breakfast, we got the Grand Ballroom ready for the evening reception where the couple started the evening with their first dance “Rainy Night in Soho” followed by the Father/Daughter Dance “Wild World” by Cat Stevens.

The evening had a bit of something for everyone including some Ceilidh, a lot of Indie music and not to forget the classic floor fillers before finishing with “Caledonia” per the couple’s request.

Stephanie and Mark, It was a pleasure to work with you both at your Wedding in Sloans. A venue i like to visit myself on the rare occasion of a weekend off so thank you both for allowing me to play such an important role in your day.

Stephanie and Mark Fitzpatrick

Stephanie and Mark Fitzpatrick

At this event, we were working with

Rich Gordon piper
Jo Donaldson