The Wedding MC


Wedding MC David Munro

Wedding MC David Munro

The role of the Wedding MC is something that is often overlooked but it is always something that can really add to your day.  I have trained in various places across the UK and have also trained in America several times to be competent in this role so it’s important to know that I take this role seriously.



So what is a Wedding MC and why do I need one? MC stands for “Master of Ceremonies”. It’s important that you don’t confuse this with your officiant who actually conducts the Marriage ceremony itself.

The Wedding MC is the person who will assist with all formalities and announcements. Your Wedding MC does not have to be formal, uptight and under pressure. They should be confident and competent in the role.

I regularly speak to couples who allow the hotel/venue to appoint an MC on the day. Most of the time they have no prior training and most of the time they will hate the role too. A good wedding MC will be confident on the Mic without being the centre of attention, They will know how to command an audience to ensure timings are kept. They will also need to keep the audience attention to keep everyone interested.

When you book me as your Wedding MC, you are booking a trained and professional event host with a background in entertainment meaning you have many more options during the day.

Wedding MC

When you book me as your wedding MC I will

  •  Meet with you in advance to discuss how you envisage your day. Most of my couples want someone who is formal yet fun without being the centre of attention.
  • I will supply your ceremony music if required be it indoors or out using legally acquired music and a discrete Sound system that will not be in your photos. This will also save you money on musicians
  • Help your ushers if required in coordinating your guests whilst assisting other suppliers and your venue
  • Build a rapport with everyone throughout the day so that when the evening comes I have created a great amount of energy to make for an amazing evening.
  • Organise your receiving line (if you’re having one) and I can also use music to give your top table a truly Dynamic entrance
  • Take charge of any gifts to be given out during your toasts
  • Introduce your toasts and assist with any gifts, or audio/visual that is part of this part of the day
  • Helps “Behind the scenes” as much as possible to ensure your day runs as smoothly as it should

Coming from an Entertainment background also means I want to gradually build the energy levels throughout the day. This means that when it comes to the evening, everyone is geared up and ready to celebrate your wedding with you.

Bellow is a Video I have that was taken during the wedding breakfast. With your permission, I do like to add a little fun into the afternoon